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Useful Documents

Note on printing PDF documents

Some of the documents here are in .PDF format.  If your Adobe acrobat reader is configured as a plug-in (so .pdf documents show up in the browser, not a separate Adobe reader program) then they may not  print (or preview) - all you get is a blank page.  If this is a problem, use the Adobe print button - the small picture of a printer right above the document - and not the browser print command (the one you get to by clicking 'File", then 'Print'.)

Forms and documents related to the YAG program.

A summary of the YMCA Adventure Guides program is found in this YMCA document.

The YMCA reimbursement form can be downloaded in PDF format.

Monthly Meetings

Every month, each circle meets at the house of one of the circle members. A typical monthly meeting is described here. A sample ritual to use at this meeting can be found here.

Registering for the program at the beginning of the year:

A registration form for the Southwest YMCA must be completed to join the YAG program. It is available as PDF.    YAG brochure including registration form

A liability waiver for the Santa Clara YMCA must be signed in order to join the progam.   Here is the Santa Clara YMCA waiver as a PDF.

Additionally, a separate waiver for <available soon>  must be signed to attend the Camp Loma Mar campout.  Here is the <available soon> waiver as PDF.


A summary of the fees for the 2006-2007 year can be found here.

Order Forms

There is a material order form for each circle to use in ordering the materials given out to the girls. These are the items distributed based on the number of years the child has been in the program (patches/feathers, etc.).  This form is available in PDF format, or as an Excel spreadsheet.