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About the YMCA Adventure Guides

Purpose: The purpose of the YMCA Adventures Program is to foster companionship of parent and child.

Slogan: "Friends Forever"


Overview: Father/Son program sponsored by the YMCA. A group of about 5-15 Father/Son pairs make up a circle. A group of about 5-15 'circles' make up an 'expedition'.

Expedition Names: Each “Son” and “Guide” chooses an appropriate name which is formally bestowed upon them at the induction ceremony at their first campout.

Age Range: Kindergarten through 4th Grade, 5th optional.

Vests: Each Guide and Son typically has a vest made out of leather or felt. The vest is used to display patches received for each expedition event attended.

Circle Officers: Each circle has a Navigator, Compass Bearer, Treasure Keeper and Log Keeper.  Officers can serve for a year or a half-year.  The Compass Bearer usually becomes the next Navigator. It's often easiest to go down a circle's roster in alphabetical order in order to assign officers, particularly the Navigator and Compass Bearer. The Navigator and/or the Compass Bearer attend a monthly expedition meeting held at the YMCA's facility at 13500 Quito Road, Saratoga, (408) 370 1877.

Expedition Events: There are expedition events every month from October through June. Except for the campouts, these events are organized by one of the circles. Most, but not all, expedition events are just for the fathers and sons.

Campouts: There are two campouts each year: a cabin campout in the fall and a tent "roughout" in the spring.  The big event is the Saturday night campfire and program, followed by singing and skits by each circle.  The campfire is also used for induction and graduation ceremonies.