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Acquiring Vests

This information was originally acquired in September 2000, and may be somewhat out of date.

A leather vest is used to display patches acquired by joining the program and attending expedition events.

If you need to order a vest for you and/or your daughter, check out:

You can also call them at 888.890.1611.  Joyce at x1303 was very helpful on the phone, so ask for her if you go that route. If you order at least five vests at one time, she will give you a 20% discount.

Kids's prices are 16.99 for size 10 and 27.99 for 14/16. The adult price is 34.99 for 42/44 and 46/48. An adult extender kit at 7.99 adapts the 46/48 into a size 54.

If your daughter is in kindergarten or 1st grade, keep in mind that they will likely be a bit larger by the time they graduate from the YAG program!

A more recent comment (2003):

One Guide dad found it easiest to contact the Sacramento store rather than using the web site to place orders. The web site does include a store locater.