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Sample Monthly Rituals

This ritual is courtesy of Paul Summers of the Kougars.  You may also want to look at the general description of the Monthly Circle Meetings.

Opening Ritual

Navigator: All members young and old of the ________ Circle will now form our circle.  Drumbeater, please give our drum a beat for each explorer present.

Drumbeater:  (Beats the drum for each explorer present)

Navigator: We give thanks for this home and to the __(host)__ family who have shared it with us tonight.  Drumbeater, beat the drum twice.

Drumbeater: (Beats the drum twice)

Navigator: What is the motto of the Y Adventure Guides?

Drumbeater: Pals Forever!  Friends Always!

Navigator:         (Circle name)s, what is the significance of our compass symbol?


The Family is the true north, the focus of our program.

Our love of Nature makes us stronger.

Our community is called a Circle, and binds us together.

Fun is our magic.

Navigator: Drumbeater, what is a Y Adventure Explorer?

Drumbeater: A boy with a dad like mine!

Navigator:  What is the pledge of all Y Adventure Guides?

All: We, Y Adventure Guides and Explorers, through friendly service to each other, to our family, to this circle, and to our community, seek a world pleasing to the eye of Our Creator.

Navigator: Our meeting will now begin.  Log Keeper, please read the scouting reports from our last meeting.

Log Keeper: (Reads the minutes of the last meeting)

Navigator: Log Keeper, will you please record our new scouting reports (while the Treasure Keeper collects our dues, if dues are kept)

Each Explorer gives his scouting report (and gives the Treasure Keeper $xx when he is done, again if dues are kept.)

Navigator: Thank you, Log Keeper (and Treasure Keeper, if present).  We will now adjourn to crafts.

The opening ceremony adjourns to crafts and Guide business.

Closing Ceremony

Navigator: Now let us remember the goals of our Circle:

To be clean in body and pure in heart,

To be friends forever, father and son,

To love the sacred circle of my family,

To listen while others speak,

To love my neighbor as myself,

To respect the traditions and beliefs of all people,

To seek and preserve the beauty of our Creator’s work in forest, field and stream.

 All: Rock On!