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Big Bear Expedition 2007-08 Fee Schedule

Southwest YMCA Adventure Guides

Two separate payments are required to participate in the YMCA Adventure Guides program with the Big Bear Expedition. A first payment goes to the Southwest YMCA to cover administration costs of the Adventure Guides program. A second payment goes to the Big Bear Expedition to cover Expedition event costs (the YMCA keeps this account, so this check also goes to the YMCA).

First Payment – Southwest YMCA Adventure Guides Program Fee

Make check payable to SOUTHWEST YMCA. On the comment or memo line, write "Big Bear Adventure Guides"

1 Son
2 Sons
3 Sons (!)
If you are not a YMCA facility member $100 $175 $250
If your family already has a YMCA facility membership $75 $125 $175

Second Payment – Big Bear Expedition Membership Fee

Also make check payable to: SOUTHWEST YMCA. On the comment or memo line write 'Big Bear Expedition' and your circle name.

1 Son
2 Sons 3 Sons
Includes both nights at Camp Loma Mar
$270 $400 $530