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2008  Trampoline at Big Sky Sports

  Sunday, Jan 20th, 2:00 PM

Sky High Sports

2880 Mead Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051 US

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Phone:  408/205-4646

Come get airborne with us as we jump for joy at Sky High Sports!

Sons and dads alike will enjoy going crazy on the wall-to-wall (including the walls themselves) trampolines.  It will give you a workout, and is guaranteed to wear your son out!

In addition to the main trampoline area, there's also a dodge ball course (a favorite last year) and a safer area for the little boys--complete with a foam pit.

If you attended this event last year you're set.  If not, you'll need to sign a waiver form.  You can find the waiver form at (  The waiver form MUST be signed by a parent.  If your son is coming with someone other than you, or if you're bring somone else's son, please make sure that the partent of that child signs the waiver form.  No exceptions!

Plan to get to Sky High by 1:45, so that you and your son can get processed and attend a safety briefing.

Jeff (Laughing Bear)