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YMCA Big Bear Expedition June Campout – Sunset Beach State Park

Friday May 30 – Sunday June 1, 2008

Where:    Sunset State Beach
                  201 Sunset Beach Road
                  Watsonville, CA

Map of Sunset State Beach Campground


The beach is 16 miles south of Santa Cruz. Take Hwy 1 exit on San Andreas Road, and follow signs south.

Campsites & Parking:

Below are the campsite assignments for the Spring Roughout. 

Please keep in mind that we are limited to 2 cars per campsite--for a total of 32 cars.  While this SOUNDS like a lot of car parking, it's not.   Please carpool as much as possible!!

It is BEST if your Circle checks in to the campsite assigned.  When they check in, they will need to know the name of the person who originally reserved that campsite.  All of this gets chaotic on Friday evening.  If worse comes to worst, tell them to check in under the name of their Circle Leader, or under Jeff Vasek, or under Tracy Denis.  After that, we'll get everyone into the campsite and deal with cars.

Theoretically, if everyone checks in at one of the correct campsites, they won't be charged ANY FEE.  However, if they check into a campsite that already is full, they will probably have to pay for a car parking fee.

Campsites #39 and #40 (reserved by Tracy Denis)
Campsites #41 and #42 (reserved by Ray Bellantoni)

Campsite #46 (reserved by Paul Summers)
Campsite #48 (reserved by Jeff Vasek)

Campsites #56 and #57 (reserved by Yakoub Bellawala)
Campsite #58 (reserved by Greg Brower)

Campsites #43 and #44 (reserved by Allwyn Lobo)
Campsite #47 (reserved by Paul Summers)

Red Tail Hawks
Campsites #54 and #55 (reserved by Matt Doar)

Campsite #59 (reserved by Greg Brower)
Campsites #60 and #61 (reserved by Brian Johnson)

If anyone has questions, or gets hung up at the Ranger Station, call Jeff Vasek 408/315-1319.  I assume we'll have cell coverage, but maybe not???

Link to  Map of the Campsites

Food & Drink:

Big Bear is providing Saturday's Lunch and Dinner for all.  That means that each camper will be on their own for Friday Dinner, Saturday & Sunday Breakfast.  Usually each Circle pools together for these meals.  Speak with your Circle Leader about this.

Schedule Of Activities:


Circle Navigators are reminded to bring written list of graduates (real names and Guide names) to the campfire to keep the ceremony moving without fumbling for names.

What To Bring:

What will the weather be like at Sunset Beach?

Sensible Precautions

Sunset Beach is a public camp site and many people pass through the beach area. As in any public area keep track of your charges and don’t leave valuables unattended.

Bring sunscreen and apply even when the weather seems cloudy or foggy.

Tide information:

This information courtesy of the SaltWaterTides web site:

Tides for Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay starting with May 30, 2008.
Day        High      Tide  Height   Sunrise    Moon  Time      % Moon
/Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

F 30 Low 1:36 AM 1.0 5:51 AM Rise 2:39 AM 31
30 High 7:25 AM 3.3 8:21 PM Set 3:54 PM
30 Low 12:44 PM 1.3
30 High 7:28 PM 5.3

Sa 31 Low 2:28 AM 0.1 5:50 AM Rise 3:08 AM 21
31 High 8:41 AM 3.3 8:22 PM Set 5:07 PM
31 Low 1:28 PM 1.7
31 High 8:04 PM 5.8

Su 1 Low 3:17 AM -0.7 5:50 AM Rise 3:43 AM 12
1 High 9:49 AM 3.4 8:22 PM Set 6:25 PM
1 Low 2:13 PM 2.0
1 High 8:44 PM 6.2

Making next year's reservations

It is critical to reserve as many sites as possible the moment the sales process opens, currently the beginning of December of the previous year.


Grande Bear and Burping Bear