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Fall 2008 Planet Granite Event

Date:           Saturday, November 15, 2008


Time:           10:00 AM - 12:00 noon (We can continue to climb as long as we want)


Where:           Planet Granite (website:


Belayers:    The plan now is for our Dad's to belay our own sons. It is a $70 per instructor fee if we need the employees of Planet Granite to belay us. We need at least 11 belayers to handle the estimated 60 climbing boys. of course the more the merrier and the shorter the lines. For those of us not already trained and in possession of a red card from PG, we have the opportunity to get trained in belaying on Sunday, November 2nd, for 1 hour. We can schedule another date if this date and time does not work. The trainees will need to come back to PG before our outing and demonstrate the knowledge of proper knots and belaying skills. They will then be given the red card that lets them belay anytime at PG.


Waiver Form:    We will need to fill out a waiver form for our sons to able to climb. Please fill out the form before you arrive to expedite check in. If you have time you can bring it by PG and have them verify the information so you can by-pass that step at check in. Here is the web link for the waiver:


****I need to have an estimate number of Dads who want to go through the training and will need to know how many are already certified.  We can have our son and/or daughter there as our test subject. I will make sure there is enough trainers to get us certified. I will send a blast email to Navigators looking for their help.


    The Kodiaks will have a small snack and drink table set up for light refreshments.