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Los Gatos Holiday Parade

Organizer Notes

The YMCA should submit a registration form for the expedition with the city of Los Gatos in order to participate in the parade. This form is due several weeks in advance of the actual parade.

Saturday, December 1, 2007 - The Los Gatos Holiday Parade

All YMCA Adventure Guides programs are invited to participate (i.e. march) in the Los Gatos Holiday Parade. The parade route is essentially the length of Santa Cruz Ave. from Highway 9 to Main Street, and then left on Main Street toward Los Gatos High School.

The parade begins at 11:00AM. The Big Bear Expedition circles will probably enter the parade around 12:00 noon.  Circles generally need to form up in advance of that time on side streets adjacent to the parade route (see directions and map below). Being there no later than 10:30 AM is a good idea. The parade is held regardless of weather conditions.

The parade is very informal. Wagons, scooter, or other more creative ideas for the procession are welcome. There are however a few restrictions  from the parade organizers:

Suggestions (especially for younger explorers): The walk may be long for younger children, so either pulling them in a wagon or using a powered vehicle (pre-arranged with the Y) may make sense.  There can be a wait of an 1 - 1.5 hours before we enter the parade, and boredom can be a concern.  Snacks are a good idea (although porta-potty bandwidth is limited!).  There does tend to be a fair amount of activity in the assembly area to entertain the explorers, and they will be in the company of other explorerss from their circle.

The parade will occur regardless of weather conditions.

Assembly Directions:

We are position 144 in the parade this year. This map shows an approximate location from 2003, right around the corner from this year's location..
meeting area

There will be an information booth at the intersection of N. Santa Cruz and Almendra that will also have a map showing the physical locations of each parade entry.

Parade Route (map from last year - this year will start from <street> Ave, but is otherwise the same)

Map of Parade Route