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Laser Tag - Third Annual Big Bear Expedition Laser Tag Event

Sharpen up your sharp shooting skills, it's time to blast someone.  Climb the two-story maze with your heart racing as you try to hide from your opponents (and your son) and shoot as many people as you can (including your son!-)

Our Laser Tag event in Mountain View is coming up on Saturday, February 9.  The first game check in is at 1:40PM.  The last game starts at 3:40 PM.  The place is called Laser Quest.

We're signed up for 6 games, so that each person will get to participate in 2 games.  You can leave after your second game, or hang around until everyone's finished and brag about your exploits!

Where:  Laser Quest, 1400 Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View ( Map )

When:  Saturday, Feb. 9

Time:  1:40 PM (arrive a little early)

What to bring:  Dark clothing (cammo paint optional)