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We believe in harmony and respect

In all our relationships

With our Sons

With our Dads

With our Families

In our Communities

And everywhere we go

In Forest, Field, and Stream

We are always connected

Side by Side

Pals Forever

Friends Always


Welcome Back for 2008-2009!

Welcome to the web site of the Big Bear Expedition of the YMCA Adventure Guides program for the 2008-2009 season. We are affiliated with the Southwest YMCA in Saratoga, California. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact one of the individuals listed in the 'Contacts' section below.

Events Calendar





Natural Bridges Butterfly Walk

Natural Bridges State Park, Santa Cruz


Trampoline (Kougars)

Sky High, 2:00 - 3:00 PM


USS Hornet (Badgers)

USS Hornet Museum, Alameda


Pinewood Derby (RT Hawks and Badgers) click here for rules.

Saratoga YMCA, Quito Road

Checkin @ 2:30, race @ 3:30PM


Day Hike (Wolverines)

Sanborn Park, Saratoga (map)

Click here for ZIP file with photo scavenger hunt files.


Kayaking (Grizzlies)



Spring Roughout

Sunset Beach State Park





The YMCA program is for sons (K-4th Grade, 5th Grade optional) and their fathers. Our objective is to provide an environment within which sons and their fathers can spend meaningful time together and also have fun. For additional information about the program, please review our simple summary and this YMCA document. There is also a YMCA web site for this program.

The expedition is organized into circles that hold monthly meetings in the homes of their members. In addition, the expedition also sponsors monthly expedition events (such as campouts, rock climbing, and so on) that all members are invited to attend.


The Southwest YMCA has started a Trailblazers expedition.  It is in effect a follow-on program for 5th to 7th grade boys and girls and their dads.  However, the new Quicksilver Expedition does include some 4th  graders, as well as some who were never in the Adventure Guides program.  Click here for information about joining.


Last Update: 22 Oct 2008.